Tour Day May 13, 2009

On this beautiful spring day at Kadavul Temple, about fifty guests came to tour the grounds and learn about Saivite Hinduism. At the Sacred Feet of Lord Siva as Dakshinamurthi, guests learn about Siva's powerful telepathic emanations of the four Vedas, Hinduism's most ancient sacred scripture to the four sages.

Two friends enjoy the shade while resting on a granite bench near the statue of Dakshinamurthi. Jaun lives on the island and this is his first visit to Kauai Aadheenam. He is a waiter at the Princeville Hotel and shared that he often served Gurudeva and the Swami's at the HHE breakfast meetings. His friend Suzanne Bowers from Ashville, North Carolina, visited five years ago.

The group photo.

Our resident silpi, Kanan, demonstrates drawing with a charcoal pencil on the rough stone.

The group intently watches as he rhythmically taps the stone and changes the surface using a variety of chisels and carving techniques.

A guests takes a turn at carving.

Guest love hugging the sacred Rudraksha trees

The silpis are placing the hand rails on the back or North end of the temple.

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