Worksite Manager's Home in Bengaluru

For many long years, almost 20, the Rajasankara family has managed the Iraivan Temple worksite. All that time they lived a most austere life, raising their two boys in a humble home that was more like a shanty. Gurudeva and the swamis stayed there many times, and great work radiated out from the home. With the new move these past couple of years, that home had to be abandoned and a new one built. After an enormous amount of effort, Jiva and his wife Kanmani have moved into their new manager’s quarters. Congratulations to the entire family for making this manifest so Iraivan can continue its march toward completion.
Explore the house by clicking HERE TO SEE THE SLIDESHOW.

8 Responses to “Worksite Manager's Home in Bengaluru”

  1. Nalini says:

    Great House ! Congratulations Uncle and Auntie!!

  2. Sheela says:

    At last!!! Good to see your new home. Prayers for many, many happy years here! Aum AUM

  3. Deva & Tara Katir says:

    Congratulations Jiva and Kanmani! Your new home has been a long time coming. It is a beautiful home, for beautiful people to reside within.

  4. adi sankara peruman says:

    wow !!!! Such beautiful place is meant for special people only…Congrats to kulapathi Jiva and family. Wish you all a happy life…AUM

  5. Judith says:

    So wonderful Jiva and Kanmani . May Siva always bless you so abundantly. Aum Shanti

  6. Dohadeva & Nagavathy says:

    To dream is to believe.
    Hamsa Hamsaaya Vidmahe
    Parama Hamsaaya Deemahi and
    Thanno Hamsa Prachodayaath.
    Congratulations and Blessings from this and the inner worlds.
    Aum Shanti

  7. Rajkumar Manickam says:

    Congratulations! absolutely beautiful.

  8. pethuraja says:


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