The Mystic Process of Darshan

Sun Two at the Aadheenam.

The Ekadanta Kulam reported today wonderful news about the progress of future Church members. Some are ready to receive initiations or to take full steps into membership. It’s always inspiring to hear about these brave souls who found their path.

A pleasant warm day, typical of the weeks before the Hawaiian summer blesses us with its very tropical weather.

The Ekadanta Kulam also mentioned a special project, but we will keep a surprise for now. Meanwhile, we will look at one very important concept of Hinduism:

Darshan means “Vision, sight.”

The trilogy’s lexicon elaborates,
“Seeing the Divine. Beholding, with inner or outer vision, a temple image, Deity, holy person or place, with the desire to inwardly contact and receive the grace and blessings of the venerated being or beings. Even beholding a photograph in the proper spirit is a form of darshana.”

Gurudeva knew that many devotees came to TAKA for a daily darshan — we even had a section by that name when TAKA started.

The lexicon entry continues, “Not only does the devotee seek to see the Divine, but to be seen as well, to stand humbly in the awakened gaze of the holy one, even if for an instant, such as in a crowded temple when thousands of worshipers file quickly past the enshrined Lord.”

“Gods and gurus are thus said to ‘give’ darshana, and devotees ‘take’ darshana, with the eyes being the mystic locus through which energy is exchanged. This direct, personal two-sided apprehension is a central and highly sought-after experience of Hindu faith.”

We see in those eyes full of wisdom and love our own potential, our inner light. Jai to our satgurus.

In the spirit of darshan, TAKA brings you today some photos that are a little bigger, of our satgurus and of the holy place of pilgrimage that is Kauai Aadheenam. Because awareness, energy and willpower are one, you can travel as awareness. You are awareness. Be where you choose to be.


2 Responses to “The Mystic Process of Darshan”

  1. Sheela says:

    Wow! Thank you! I have got goosebumps and tears. Aum AUM

  2. Ananth says:

    Me too got goosebumps …. Love you all at TAKA.
    Jai Ganapathi

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