Sun One Homa

Today was Sun One and Bodhinatha gave a lively and insightful bhashya (commentary) on Gurudeva’s Master Course Lesson on the subjects of faith and will power.

Senthilnathswami perform the homa today.

Gurudeva had a special inner connection with Lord Hanuman and he always keeps a small murthi of Hanuman next to the homa fire. We continue this tradition…

Vamadeva Shastri and Shambhavi

We were delighted and honored to be visited by Pundit Vamadeva Shastri (David Frawley) world renowned author and teacher.

An avowed Hindu, and perhaps today’s most articulate western spokeman for modern Hinduism, he has been a long time collaborator with our Hinduism Today team, supporting the magazine with his advertisements and ever ready to help on a consulting basis. Our publish team has in turn tried to help with his publishing by supplying illustrations and art work.

Last year he married another well-known author and teacher of the Shakta tradition, Shambhavi L. Chopra, author of the best-seller: Yogini:Unfolding the Goddess Within. Together they are doing great work through David’s American Institute of Vedic Studies. He reaches a large audience through the teaching the disciplines of yoga, ayurveda and jyotisha. Shambhavi brings a strong element of bhakti and sadhana to their work together. Check out their web site: which now offers distance learning course

A prolific author Vamadeva Shastri has release a second edition of his 1995 book “Hinduism, the Eternal Tradition.” It is a terrific read for both Hindus, ardha-Hindus (half-Hindus) and non-Hindus alike!

Hinduism Today Publisher's Desk July 2009

After the current issue of Hinduism Today is sent to the press, post editorial work on the digital parts of the magazine are worked on. These alway include the PDF and the video of Bodhinatha giving his publisher desk editorial piece which we post on YouTube

Our Certified Organic Agriculture

After years of planning--and willpower, and blessings from the devas--we finally have the organic certification for our noni orchard! Noni is a highly nutritious fruit used in most Polinesyan islands, with properties that marvel scientists.

We bring you today a slideshow of the majestic beauty of Himalayan Acres, our parcel across the river, featuring the exotic (and organic!) noni fruit.

  • Press the play button (second button from the right) to watch our slideshow
  • Or, walk through the photos one by one by clicking on their thumbnails
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  • We highly recommend the full screen version — click on the last button to the right
  • [slidepress gallery=’2009-05-19-himalayan-acres’]

    New Flower

    Here is a marvel of nature we have just discovered--a new flower, a new dance of Lord Siva.

    This is the plant it comes from. The flower is hidden in the heart of the plant and you really have to look for it to find it. That is why it escaped our notice for so long. We do not know the name of the plant. Anyone out there know?

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