It Should Be a Word

Gurudeva was wonderful with words, inventing them when they did not exist, playing with them when they did. He even created Shum, his own language. Continuing in that tradition, the monks have begun a FICTIONARY, which is a dictionary for words that should exist, but don't. Isn't this how all words came to be? Today we share four of them, and invite you to send in more to be added to our official Fictionary here at the monastery. Consensualocracy: Gurudeva's important word describing government by unanimous assent of all involved. "Government or management by intelligent cooperation based on a shared vision and adherence to dharma. Ahimsa, non-hurtfulness is the key note of this tribal family system of rule." Word putty: Words added to text to fill gaps and fix awkward connections, used frequently to transition from one totally unrelated subject to another. Available in walnut, cherry and mahogany, AKA classical, traditional and radical. The editors import word putty in 5-gallon drums. Stuposity Ignorance coupled with pomposity. They do so often appear together, don't they? Timological This word is akin to "chronological" but relating to time in general. Having to do with the application of time, for instance using time as a strategy in a sport or the engineering of a schedule, event, etc. "Her approach to the family problem was so timological."

The Fictionary needs you. Send in your Fictional word or words today. E-mail: [email protected]

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  1. Sheela says:

    Word-putty is funny! Look forward to more!! Aum AUM

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