Tour Day June 3rd

The koi fish, thriving in the tropical setting, eagerly great our guests.

A giant anthurium appears like a green deva in disguise near the Siva Vinadhara mound, greeting all guests. Today a researcher released a study that proves that plants are aware of themselves and can distinguish their own roots and the roots of other plants, even clones of themselves.

Guests listen intently to the explanation of the profound beliefs of Hinduism: There is only One God who is all pervasive, Creator, Preserver and Destroyer of all existence. Karma is the law of cause and effect. Reincarnation allows each soul to evolve in a natural dharmic pattern eventually merging in Oneness with the Divine. Ahimsa, non-violence, is a principal understood and practiced by devout Hindus, and Hindus all believe there is no intrinsic evil, no devil and no eternal hell for all of creation is Lord Siva's manifestation.

An Agave desmentiana is in full bloom today, its 10-foot tall stalk holding hundreds of small copies of itself. It is a wonderful source of an alternative to sugar, agave syrup.

Guests learn about Siva as Dakshinamurthi, the silent teacher, telepathically transmitting the eternal truths of the four Vedas to the four sages. Siva projects His teachings with His third eye, the Ajna Chakra.

A wonderful orchid in bloom behind the banyan tree where Dakshinamurthi sits.

Fifty wonderful souls joined the tour today and many told us they will be returning.

Attentive guests learn about the special process used to create Iriavan's foundation. Fly ash was added to the concrete mix which will enable the temple to rest on this solid foundation for at least 1000 years.

A guest joyously hugs a rudraksha tree.

Others enjoy the shade that the tress offer as the late morning sun shines down, warming the gorgeous tropical setting.

Kannan, the Indian craftsman, demonstrates the various techniques for carving granite.

He begins with large chisels and works down to finer pointed tools.

This guest had read a paragraph in a Kauai guide book about the temple, and was astonished that it was listed as a tourist destination. He was moved by the grandeur of the temple complex and plans to spend several of the next few days of his visit returning to enjoy Gurudeva's vision.

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