It's Sun 3 Morning on Kauai

Aran Veylan from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, is here on Task Force. This morning he was contemplating the many wonders of Siva's Garden of Life.

His task: to plant this edible pandanus. Pandanus amaryllifolius is is known commonly as dal pandan and used widely in Southeast Asian cooking. They have a nutty, botanical fragrance which enhances the flavor of Indonesian, Filipino, Malaysian, Thai, Vietnamese and Burmese foods, especially rice dishes and cakes. The leaves are sometimes steeped in coconut milk, which is then added to the dish. They may be tied in a bunch and cooked with the food. They also may be woven into a basket which is used as a pot for cooking rice.

Visitors walk past Dakshinamurthi

On the roof, Yoginathaswami consults with Deva Rajan. Plans are evolving for the next water-proofing membranes.

The silpis at work on the floor installation.

It's a time-consuming project, but where else do you get a floor that will withstand any amount of traffic for one-thousand years?

Chip, chip, chip…

Chip, chip, chip…

Nearby Silpi Chitaiya works on the hand railing.

He is smoothing the joints where two stones come together.

It is work for patient men of unparalleled skill.

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  1. Judith says:

    It has been for me a grace to witness the unfolding beauty and emerging perfection of this Divine temple. May those so graced to build this temple be filled with infinite Siva blessings. In deepest gratitude for Guru Deva’s vision becoming manifest in the physical world.

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