Dr. Thiagarajan Learns About Yogaswami's Songs

Today Dr. Thiagarajan finished his seva helping the Ganapati Kulam with entering Devanagari scripts. Sivakatirswami showed him the Natchintanai song book and web site project and he was enthralled with Sivayogaswami’s songs. We presented him with a gift of the book in Tamil.

Besides being a Sanskrit expert, Dr. Thiagarajan is an expert in Hindu music and has translated many volumes on the subject.

Looking through the Tamil Natchintanai songs he said: “The message conveyed in these songs is so lucid, so clear. There are no unnecessary words. I want to sing these songs and popularize them.”

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  1. Sheela says:

    We await Natchintanai in your voice, Dr. Thiagarajan! Your CDs play in our shrine room all day. Thank you for ALL that you have done, are doing and will do in the “eternal now”. Aum AUM

  2. adi sankara says:

    AUM. Welcome in the BIG team of Natchintanai lovers!!!AUM

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