Bodhinatha Off to Seattle and Canada

Yesterday Bodhinatha and Sadhaka Tejadevanatha departed for a short trip to Seattle, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton. As we write, they are at a gathering of Hindus in Seattle.

All the monks come to see them off.

Dr. Thiagarajan Departs

This morning was Dr. Thiagarajan’s last at Kauai Aadheenam before traveling on to see his daughter in Virginia.

After this morning’s home we took a group photo for him.

Here he is with the Ganapati Kulam where he did some seva during his stay. It was an honor to be with such a great scholar who is also a deep bhaktar.

Alvin Buchignani

Alvin Buchignani came to visit today with his wife Francoise. Alvin was Gurudeva’s attorney when Gurudeva first started his organization in San Francisco in the early 1960’s. He was a young beginning lawyer then, but Gurudeva saw a good young man with integrity and vision and adopted him as his attorney.

Alvin was instrumental in helping set up our non-profit organizations and later drafting the by-laws for the Hindu Heritage Endowment. He has since retired but remains a dear friend. Here he talks with Hinduism Today editors about legal issues surrounding the California text book case.

Visit to Himalayan Acres

Today was a retreat day at the Aadheenam, a break from our daily routine, and Dr. Thiagarajan joined us for a trip across the river to our agricultural land. For a change of pace from the intensive meetings of the past few days, he had the opportunity to drive our big Case tractor under the supervision of one of the Swamis.

Aran Veylan and Potriyan Sivanathan joined us for the journey. They are members of Saiva Siddhanta Church and have come to the Aadheenam on the task force program which gives them an opportunity to serve and do sadhana along with the monastics.

After our milk cows have served us well and are too old to be bred again for milking, we move them to Himalayan Acres to live out their years. We searched for the cows on the more than 300 acres of land and finally found then close to our equipment tent in a shady grove of trees. Here Potriyan cautiously greets Chaturti.

Sri Lanka Mission — Tamil New Year celebrations Sri Subramuniya Kottam


On April 14, 2009, the Tamil New Year was celebrated at the Sri Subramuniya Kottam. Keeping the war situation in mind, celebration was kept simple. A puja was performed for Gurudeva to receive his blessings for the coming year.

The worship was attended by the Kottam students, teachers and devotees.


All those who came for the puja received kai-visesam from Rishimatha Sivalosani Kanagaratnam afterwards. Kai-visesam is a Sri Lankan Tamil tradition, whereby Young people receive cash gifts from their elders, usually their parents, grandparents or an elder community leader.


On Tamil New Year morning after visiting the temple, devotees will go and pay their respects to their elders to seek their blessings and advice for the coming year.


After that, the elder will give them kai-visesam. It is believed receiving money on this day from an elder will bring them good luck for the coming year.


After receiving kai-visesam the devotees at the Kottam were served food.

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