Bodhinatha in Edmonton

Devotees happily greet Bodhinatha at the airport in Edmonton.

Darshan meeting with the growing Veylan Family. The newest member of the family is Shyla.

Mayooran Selvarajah and Shankeetha Anantha. They recently visited the monastery and are looking forward to their next visit. Shankeetha will give birth to her first child in 5 weeks! Bodhinatha blesses you both as you embark on parenthood.

The Maha Ganapati Temple of Edmonton greets Bodhinatha with garlands and rose petals placed at his feet.

Devotees are over joyed to have a Satguru in their presence.

Traditional Nadaswaram and Tavil players are present for the grand event.

Arati is waved before Bodhinatha as he enters the temple.

Bodhinatha sits before the homa pit and enjoys lively music from our Nadaswaram and Tavil players.

Part of the yearly festival is the milk kavadi . Devotees carry a kumbha of milk around the temple and the milk is then use to bathe Lord Ganesha.

You can feel the energy in the air as the Homa commences. All three worlds are connected and the darshan is felt by all.

Bodhinatha leads the procession.

The milk kumbhas are brought back into the temple to bathe Ganesha, Jai!

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  1. Nalini says:

    This is so nice to see :o)!

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