Last day in Calgary

Downtown Calgary

Before departing, Bodhinatha was shown the future site for a temple.

A few minutes outside of the city nestled in the farm land of Calgary, 42 acres has been purchased by three Hindu groups. One of those groups, The Murugan Society, will be building a Murugan temple. They plan to purchase a large trailer building and use that to house Murugan and start the worship. Fund raising for a permanent temple will commence. Bodhinatha has been invited back to see the temple project. Jai Muruga!

Bodhinatha is shown the future Site of Calgary’s Murugan temple

Our two hosts, Panch Panchalingam on the left and Raj Pillai on the right, have been instrumental in pushing this temple project forward. We look forward to seeing Murugan's new Canadian home.

A short flight to Edmonton and two more uplifting events.

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  1. Thomas says:

    Hopefully you will come through my province, Alberta, again Sri Bodhinatha. It was disappointing to have missed your counsel at the center there, because currently I’m in another part of the province, further south (called Lethbridge).
    I’m so glad to hear of a temple being built here, and to know that you were at the site is just really awesome.
    Jai Guru Bodhinatha
    Aum Namah Sivayah
    Thomas Brown.

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