Kadavul Temple's Kodimaram Goes Gold

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  • [slidepress gallery=’2009-06-26-kodimaram-gold-leafing’]

    No Responses to “Kadavul Temple's Kodimaram Goes Gold”

    1. Nalini says:

      woooooooooooo so beautiful!!
      I love it!! Thank you!

      AUm Aum

    2. Sitara says:

      Awesomely amazing gold leafing job. I was so amazed that they were able to complete kodimaram in such a short time!

    3. Sheela says:

      O beautiful Golden Flagpole, we have done our bit, taken our first step. Now do what you have to do, so we move closer to Him, faster and steadier than before! Thank you infinitely for your service! Aum AUM

    4. Kumara says:

      It is so very beautiful – wonderful to see all the details! Aum. Aum.

    5. Vinaya Alahan says:

      Aum! Can’t wait to see it in person! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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