Meditating Within

A CyberCadet was inspired with a photo of a meditating monk, and wrote this poem, called 'ATMALINGA DARSHANAM," seeing within the soul of ourself and meditating on the Lingam there.

At the edge of land where Heaven meets Earth he sits alone one with all within, without, around and beyond him action collapsed into rest sound into silence nothing to be done or said or to see, hear or feel just a being being still strong, soft, quiet powerful, peaceful and oh! so beautiful!

Who made the first Sivalingam? Is this what he saw? Did he give form to the Formless To remind us? of where we come from And where we are going?

Memory rekindled A spark is lit - At the edge of land Where Heaven meets Earth I sit alone, one with all he is me, we are He! Aum Namah Sivaya!

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