Iraivan Gold Leafing Slideshow

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  • [slidepress gallery=’2009-07-03-iraivan-gold-leafing-complete’]

    3 Responses to “Iraivan Gold Leafing Slideshow”

    1. Amma Debora says:

      The work with the gold leafing is wonderful, and I´m sure the crafstman are very skilled people. Nevertheless, I´d like to highlight the astonishing carving of the stone, made by the great, great stone carving artists in India. Actually, the gold leafing makes the carving perfection even more astonishing!
      Congratulations to all people involved in such a marvelous work!

    2. Sheela says:

      AWESOME! Nothing can be said other than THANK YOU, GURUDEVA! How MUCH you have given us and how much more you continue to give!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Aum AUM

    3. Nalini says:

      I’m Speechless….

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