Tour Day Today

These beautiful souls made the today’s tour joyful and uplifting. Showers came and went, but they kept high spirits with lovely remarks about the work the monks are doing here.

Hard to see, way in the back, John Lydgate and his wife who have been friends to the monks for years were a wonderful addition to the tour with his sense of humor and great support.

This is Faith Collier, a Himalayan Acedemy student , who both joined and helped with the public tour today, along with her husband Justice who is behind the camera.

This is Skyler. She had a wonderful morning in the gardens and later a suprisingly still meditation in Kadavul temple. Her parents were very gracious and grateful for a wonderous experience.

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  1. Toshadevi nataraja says:

    Jai Ganesa! Beautiful baby as beautiful as the lovely hibiscus in your hair.It is a blessing that you are in such holy surroundings. Thanks to mother,father and Satguru.Aum shanti.

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