Walking Views from San Marga

From Rishi Valley looking up through the flowering tree at our flag on a windless day.

The branches almost touch Saravanapava lake.

Looking back at the beautiful flowers from the other side of the lake.

A clear Rishi Valley view of our flag.

Another Rishi Valley view of the Parampara shrines with Iraivan and the golden Rajagopuram peeking through the trees.

From Iraivan’s Hanuman Landing we see the Ganapati Kulam building directly behind the flagpole. Rishi Valley is between it and Iraivan.

From the far side of the Path of the Nayamnars we have our Narmada Lingam in the distance framed by nature.

A closer and clearer view of the Lingam, surrounded by lushness, with koi coming for darshan.

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  1. Toshadevi nataraja says:

    Prostrations to Lord Ganesa!This photo keeps my memories fresh.I yearn to be back to make that contact again. I continue to hold that special feeling that words cannot express till i once again set foot on this holy place,May I be worthy.Om mamah Sivaya.shanti shanti shanti Aum

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