July Ganesha Homa- Spiritual Park

Our monthly July Ganesha Homa at the Spiritual Park… here the huge homa pit through which are sent thousands of letters into the inner worlds requesting help from the "devas" or angels beings under the guidance of Lord Ganapati.

As usual every single space accommodates devotees inside the Mandapam.

Outside the huge crowd is a common feature now…

Offerings …..

Devotees seated inside the tent outside…

Worship at the Narmada lingum has become a 'must' or devotees attending Homa.

Devotees coming up the newly built steps….

Others patiently queuing up at the small Ganesha shrine with their trays of offerings….

Our Sishyas are always busy at this shrine breaking hundreds of coconuts….

Devotees everywhere ….

From left in front, Kulamatas Kulagan, Sornambal and Kavita

Brah Vel Mahalingum giving a testimony about his travel for six months Task Force to Kauai Aadheenam.

Another testimony from Mr. Kumar who happily obtained a upward positive change in his job.

Kulapati Manon reading one of the Guru's teachings on the "role of women".

Some devotees going down the new water front…

A little rush of new buyers at the Himalayan Academy sales Booth outside ….

A couple from Mumbai, India. They are coming to the Spiritual Park for the second time and said it is such a peaceful place for worship. They went home with their new copy of Dancing With Siva.

The ceremony over, members, HA students and other volunteers stay behind to help cleaning up the whole place…

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