Return of Fictionary, the monastery’s dictionary for words that don't (yet) exist, but should. We share a few from the Fictionary, and invite the wordologists (not a word) to send in more.

alphabet heaven: The place where words go when deleted from e-mails, computers, iPhones and all digital media.
horizonticious: tending toward a supine position following a big meal or a bout with dizziness. Not vertical and moving to less vertical by the minute.
druthers: Gurudeva's word for personal preferences that inhibit selfless service and spiritual growth. From "I would rather…." Said quickly, Id'ruther, hence druther.
chrystaloligist: A crystal person with deep knowledge of the subject.
wordoligist: Not merely a wordsmith, but someone who knows words in all their infinite subtle dimensions.
permanentize: Make something permanent
blunderous: The missing adjective for blunder.
liquous: Fluid-like, flowing, watery.
paragraphilia: The love (some would say the obsession) of dividing text into logical, meaningful and linguistically imperative units, called paragraphs. Antonym: aparagraphiphilia, the affliction which cognizes no meaningful distinction between sentences and paragraphs. See also scriptocontinuum.
Jaffnian: Native or citizen of Jaffna, Sri Lanka
consugusting: Excessive Consumer Spending is so Disgusting. (From a TAKA teen CyberCadet)

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  1. Eassan says:

    Really nice words!!! So real!

  2. Eassan says:

    and so applicable too!

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