Garden Ganesa cleaning and scaffolding painting by Bramachari Vail

The Siddhidata Kulam offers some photos of our new task forcer at work. Brahmachari Vel supplicates before Pancha Muka Ganapati in Anna Purna garden.

He performs a simple arati

Sadhaka Rajanatha rings the large garden bell taking part in the sweet ceremony

Arati is over and Vel does Namaskaram to Ganesha

Namaskaram to TAKA viewers. Vel spent three hours cleaning and oiling the Vegetable Garden Ganesha. Thank you Vel for love and devotion to Ganesha. Jai Ganapati

For several Days now Brahmachari Vel has been focused on rust proofing the scaffolding of Iraivan Temple.

Vel brings the scaffolding back to its former brilliant yellow color. This process occurs every few years due to the heavy rain and moisture in Kauai which cause most metal to rust. Thank you Vel for your push to finish this vital project.

2 Responses to “Garden Ganesa cleaning and scaffolding painting by Bramachari Vail”

  1. Aroulen says:

    Vanakam to u all there!
    Great job Brahmachari. A great siva thondar…
    Have a nice day!
    Jai Ganapati

  2. Kejiou Toulaish Sharma says:

    Great job Brahmachari Vel….we give you all support from Mauritius.

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