Our Mother and Sister Are Visiting

Sadhaka Rajanatha her with his mother Paulette on the right and older sister Roze on the left.

Amma Paulette is a Wiccan Priestess and her children reflect the free spirit of their mother’s faith which is very much akin to Hinduism.

Paulette runs several web sites. Among them:


Rose is a professional glass blower and lives in Austin Texas.

Visit her website called:


Our mother is going around talking with and getting to know all the monks.

Paulette has made a deep and broad study of the non-Abrahmic “alternative” religious-spiritual traditions, and is an intellectually astute lady which makes for lively conversation. She is quick to point out that trying to identify commonalities between the Gods of different traditions is more a “left-brained way of thinking” an intellectual contrivance. To say that “The Greek Zeus was the same as Odin in the Norse faith (Northern Germanic religion) is the same as Siva in Hinduism” tends to overlook the deeply unique qualities and attributes of each of these Gods as understood within their native cultural context. She says, “I think it is better just to take each of the Gods and Goddesses as they are in their own context and let the diversity of it all just be that which it really is, a rich diversity.”

Of course as we all know Hinduism encompasses much of what is practiced and believed in by the “pagans.” Paulette makes this statement on the Wiccan Interfaith Council International web site:

“Now we come to celebrate our religion, known as “the Craft of the Wise” and “the Olde Religion”. We do declare that our faith is built upon the worship of the Gods who originated with the birth of Mother Earth.

“Our practice is in accordance with the five laws of Nature, known as Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Spirit. We understand that all power and knowledge, prosperity and wisdom, flow from this Divine source.”

Sounds a lot like Sanatana Dharma to me!

This morning Amma spent time in the Ganapati Kulam.

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  1. Nalini says:

    Wow!! so great!! Hi Amma! No wonder her son is a Monastic!!

    Good work!! Thank you Amma!

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