Sivacharya Blesses the Hinduism Today Team

This morning Sundaramurti Sivam Sivacharya came to the Ganapati Kulam morning meeting. He praises the team for all their work, and bring pranams from his guru Sri Sri Ravi Sankar and offers Paramacharya Palaniswami a shawl.

Then he sings the “Mandiram Avadu neeru….” song while putting vibhuti on the foreheads of each of the swamis.

It was a very sweet blessing.

As it turns out Sundaramurti is from Coimbatore and was scheduled to come to Kauai in 1985 to be one of the priests at the kumbhabhishekam of Kadavul temple and stay on as our teacher. But some karma kept him in India – his passport was lost then and someone else came in his stead. In the meantime he met Gurudeva several times and was present in Bangalore for the first chipping of the first stone of Iraivan. So though we have never met him before, he has instantly become part of our Saiva family.

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  1. Nalini says:

    Welcome Sundaramurti,
    glad your here now :o)

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