A Gift for the Monastery

The monastery got a call from the folks that ship containers between the islands. "You have some live plants here."

We took the 11-mile journey to the dock, to find 13 boxes of plants. They were a gift from a Big Island grower who wanted to share this amazing flower with the monastery. 180 plants in all, red, yellow, pink. This plant is called Guzmania. Thanks you, David! They will bring a new color to the temple gardens.

2 Responses to “A Gift for the Monastery”

  1. Aroulen says:

    Beautiful those Guzmania, the name looks a odd but the flowers looks great.

  2. Sheela says:

    May mnay more Davids and Ronalds bring more gifts to the Aadheenam! Thank you ALL! Aum AUM

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