Dancing with Siva In Tamil

Sivakatirswami has begun work on typesetting Dancing with Siva in Tamil. This work has been on the shelf for years. Originally done by Pundit Mylvaganam in Sri Lanka the text was entered in a Tamil font that is no longer functional on our current platform. We also wanted to move forward to using unicode so that we can put our Tamil works on the internet with actual characters instead of images

Bodhinatha has been wanting to get this into the hands of the Tamil reading people for many years and now finally it is happening. As of 2009 Adobe's Indesign program which the monks use for publications, is now capable of handling Unicode.

Swami had previously converted the book to the Mylai-Sri font. With the help of the ever supportive collaborator Muthu Neduraman, one of the world's top Tamil language IT experts, (founder of Murasu Systems in Malaysia — see his company online: http://www.murasu.com/), we now have the book in unicode.

Just for this project Muthu wrote a C program to convert the book from Mylai to Unicode and also generated a Unicode compatible version of his lovely Anjal font. This is in Anjal Chittu Slant. Thank you Muthu! So, look forward to more Tamil in the future and now, being unicode, after we put it on the web, you will be able cut and paste to email.

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