Gurudeva's Message of Joy and Living in the Now

Jai Ganesha, adored by all.

You may remember these charming digital dolls, the masterful creation of Henrique Pereira who lives near Sao Paulo in Brasil.

Inspired by Gurudeva’s teachings, Henrique surprised us by sending a digital doll of Gurudeva. How does he capture Gurudeva in such simple strokes? We bring you the images along with Gurudeva’s teaching on Facing Burdens of the Past. Admit it, it’s hard to feel burdened looking at these light-hearted creations.

GURUDEVA: We must live in the now to follow the path to
enlightenment. In the lower realms of the
mind, where time and space seem very real,
we are worried about the past or concerned about the
future. These two intermingle and limit conscious
awareness. Living in the past or the future obstructs
us in this way: the past, by reliving old experiences,
mainly the negative ones, for they are vividly remembered,
clouds our vision of the future.

Living in the future overactivates the intellect, the emotion and the desires. The future is little more than another form of
mental fantasy. Past and future are equally unreal and
a hindrance to spiritual unfoldment. A person functioning in the now is in control of his
own mind. He is naturally happier, more successful. He
is performing every task with his fullest attention, and
the rewards are to be seen equally in the quality of his
work and the radiance of his face. He cannot be bored
with anything he does, however simple or mundane.

Everything is interesting, challenging, fulfilling. A person
living fully in the now is a content person.
If we look at the past and we look at the future as
both a series of dreams, and the only thing that we are
concerned with is our immediate reactions and what
we carry with us now, we see that the past is there to
test us and the future is there to challenge us. We cannot
change the past, but we can change how we react
to what has happened to us in the past.

Let us not worry about the past ever again. Do not
even think about the past. Face everything that comes
up in the light of the present, not in the darkness of
the past. Aun Namasivaya!

At Iraivan today the roof is black. A team covered the granite with oxidized asphalt, for waterproofing.

After it has cured for 7 days, they will install a special membrane, which has copper on one side.

Inside, the silpis continue to install the rose colored flooring stones and the handrailings.

These are seriously thick pavers!

Each handrail section is made of 38 separate stones.

They come from India all sculpted to perfection and wrapped in coir, which is the Bubble Wrap of Bharat, made of coconut husk and rubber.

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  1. Sheela says:

    Thanks Henrique, that was s-w-e-e-t! And, Gurudeva has, as always, made me smile … more so in his new avatar! Aum AUM

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