From Siva's Garden

Dasan and Shakti Mahadeva returned to Kauai to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary, and met near Kadavul temple with the gardeners.

Flowers for Siva. Such bright souls Siva calls to His Island Home.

And other bright souls are here to watch after all the little things, visitors, the MiniMela, and more. Shama and Isani are noble examples of the ancient Tamil adage about service to God. Adiyarku adiyain, I am but the servant of the servants of the Lord.

The river is quieting down after our tropical storm of the past few days.

In the garden today, we have the rarely seen Peanut Butter fruit and flower. Yes, it tastes just like the gooey peanut stuff.

Into the kitchen comes the fresh gifts from the garden. Green peppers.

A bucket of greens.

Green beans, said to be good for the heart.

And eggplant. Now you know why they call it that!

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  1. Toshadevi Nataraja says:

    Anbe sivamayam Satyame parasivam.Prostrations to lord Ganesa.Salutations to Kualmati Isani and Brahmacharini Sharma.You are my role models in my heart.We are blessed to benifit from your selfless service. You both look lovely next to Lord Ganesa.
    I always think of how amazing that is like magic to plant food and flowers and see the results. I have great respect for you who tend a garden to arrive at such beauty and of course mouthwatering possibilities(yum yum)Like Grurdeva might say(smile)

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