Ganesha Chathurti in Mauritius

Vanakam Sat Guru Bodhinatha Veylanswami

Jai Our Sat Gurus
Jai Our Mathavasis

We had Ganesha Chathurthi yesterday.Good weather and a crowd of about 5000 people, may be more, as devotees were flowing in and out since Sunday. Here you see all the devotees bidding good by to all the clay ganesha’s as they are taken out to sea in the boats.

Sivachariar Deva Kumar started at 9.30; he did a wonderful Puja and Homa until 12.30;Visarjana started at 13.30 and ended at 15.00 hrs when the three boats came back.

Our new but unfinished parking lot was a great help.

Beautiful and harmonious participation of all members, students and the public. Some 30 police officers and Coast Guards helped to maintain smooth traffic flow and security at sea.

It was a great celebration and expression of joy for Lord Vignaraja.
Bodhinatha’s message was well received. All the devotees were very generous in their donations to help the Park with it’s on-going works.

Thank you, Satguru for guiding us all.

Kulapati Manon Mardemootoo

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