Garden Ganesha cleaning by Bramachari Vel

At the monastery we have a special place where no machines are allowed and the nature Devas are free to work their magic.

This place is the Annapurna Gardens where the monks work hand and hand with the devas cultivating the soil and producing organic food. Many years ago Gurudeva was told by the devas to keep machines out of the garden and the devas will grow the food. Many years have passed since Gurudeva told the monks of the Devas vision of a machine free garden. The Garden is thriving with the help of the Devas inner plane guidance and the monks physical world push. Machines have not touch the garden soil for many many many years now.

Ganesha is in the center of the Garden watching the daily dance of the devas.

Ganesha receives an oiling by Brahmachari Vel who is on a six month task force. Vel was over joyed to oil Ganesha and decorate him with flowers grown in the garden. Jai Vel, Jai Ganesha!

This is what Ganesha sees from his raised peedam in the Garden.


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