Recent Events at Spiritual Park-Mauritius

After Ganesha Chaturthi celebration things get back to normal at the Spiritual Park of Mauritius. We bring you photos of a few happenings at the Park recently.

Our new lady catalyst trainees having a coffee break during their monthly August 'Saivite Hindu Religion' and 'PParenting With Love' training session at the Park. They are all three now conducting youth classes on Bodhinatha's teachings.

Kulapati Amba (right) is a good support for the catalysts in Flacq area.

Some 100 youth are actually attending Saivite Hindu Religion classes in different places of Mauritius and the Himalayan Academy is updating another list of newcomers soon.

Parents in Mauritius wishing to enroll their youth in one of the classes of the island should email the Himalayan Academy at [email protected]

The next catalyst trainee session will be held on Saturday 19th September at the Spiritual Park.

Back to our religious activities…. The Sivalingum is now the "not to miss" place of worship at the Park.

A happy family of our membership on Ganesha Chaturthi. Mrs Doorghiat and her three sons.

Kulamatas Manick, Koothan and Magadevi helping at the Mandapam after visarjana.

Another event has been the visit of swami Ramdev from India to the Park. Swami was on a three day visit to Mauritius.

Swami Ramdev is well known for his efforts in popularizing Hatha Yoga. During his visit to the island he has been holding yoga sessions in Goodlands and attended a few religious functions organised by Hindu organisations of the island.

Swami left after a very short visit at the Park.

A little crowd was there to welcome swami Ramdev at the Park.

On Ganesha Chaturthi the Himalayan Academy released this poster to the public. Hundreds of devotees bought one to keep in their home shrine.

The back of the poster is informative about Gurudeva's Ganesha vision of the Park.

One Response to “Recent Events at Spiritual Park-Mauritius”

  1. sheela moothoosawmy says:

    the monthly puja at the spiritual park is really a must attending for thousands of people every month where they find harmony and joy Ganesha has responded to so many peoples demands and all the time there has been thanksgiving. and the classes are really very informative, up to date and interesting for not only kids but for adults also.
    thanks a lot Kulapati Manick

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