Autumn Visitors

Guests pose in front of Dakshinamurthy which is in direct line with the sanctum of the Iraivan Temple.

Our visitors from California were in awe as they toured the very beautiful and sacred Iraivan Temple. It is the only temple of its kind in the Western hemisphere, all hand-carved from white granite, and manifesting completely and in every detail according to the Vasthu Shastras.

The East Gopuram Lion Pillars where visitors love to roll the granite ball around in the lion’s mouth.

The sacred rudraksha trees are now in full bloom with beautiful delicate white flowers that are loved by the bees who are producing marvelous rudraksha flower honey which the monks are harvesting from their bee colonies.

Trustees of the Shiva Vishnu Temple in Washington, DC, Dr. Chaitanya Ravi and his wife Dr. Rajani Ravi are here visiting for the first time. Both remarked about the peace and serenity and absolute beauty of the Aadheenam temples and grounds, and found it “difficult to leave such a rare and truly beautiful place.”

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