Bodhinatha And The Next Generation

Photos are rolling in from Malaysia.

Bodhinatha had many darshan meetings with devotees at the hotel during his stay. Here is a very special young man — Arunesh Eswaran, son of Sivaram and Devika. He it the product of a cross-cultural marriage and third generation in Saiva Siddhanta Church on his Mother’s side, being the grandson of Hotranatha and Punita Ajaya in California.

Hinduism Today receives award for HPI

It's always heartening to receive acknowledgement of our work. Today we were informed that HPI was chosen to be among the Top 100 Religion Blogs on the web! See their note below.

Congratulations! Your readers have submitted and voted for your blog at The Daily Reviewer. We compiled an exclusive list of the Top 100 religion Blogs, and we are glad to let you know that your blog was included! You can see it at Cheers! Angelina Mizaki Selection Committee President The Daily Reviewer

New Phase Begins at the Aadheenam

Yogi Jivanandanatha is our homa pujari today as we begin a new phase.

Bodhinatha gave a wonderful discourse based on his Tirukkural presentation he made in Singapore, focusing on the issue of back-biting and the understanding that what we react strongly to in others is something present in our own psyche that we need to pay attention to.

Kulapati Easan Katir has come to the Aadheenam for 10 days of Task Force. Kulapati just recently returned from Washington DC where he joined the Hindu American Foundation in an effort to speak to our representatives about Hindu human rights in several countries.

Bodhinatha in Malaysia – Seminar On Hindu Tools For Success (Pt 2)

Scott Road Sri Kandaswamy Temple Chairman, Mr Perumpalam greets Bodhinatha.

Our Kulapatis having light conversation prior to Bodhinatha’s arrival.

Rishipathi Kuppusamy Appasamy performs Arati!

Bodhinatha went for a quick tour to a number of booths decorated with attractive fund raising items and Iraivan Temple promotion items.

Attractive fund raising items!

Kulapathi Selvarajoo incharge of Himalayan Academy books corner.

Meanwhile, the registration team members busy updating participants information at the registration counter.

Guru Parampara photo welcomes all seminar participants.

Children sprinkles Bodhinatha with flower offerings along the path, leading to the main stage.

Bodhinatha performs arati offering to Gods and Gurudeva.

Rishipathi Appasamy Kuppusamy’s opening speech.

Bodhinatha delivers HH talk on Hindu Toods For Success.

Bodhinatha gave a wonderful talk to an appreciate and attentive crowd from a different perspective about how to succeed in life with religious and spiritual tools/practices as a guide.

A section of the seminar participants. They’re about 400 people attended this seminar. Many of them braved a heavy downpour at downtown Kuala Lumpur!

There are many new participants attended this seminar. Noticeable among them are many non-Indian brothers & sisters whom had participated as well took part with great interest. They enthusiastically followed Bodhinatha’s talk till the end.

Chipping Away at Iraivan

At Iraivan today the entire six-man silpi team is working together. Here Karuppiah works on the hand railing.

It is made of 38 stones, and it's quite a feat to fit them so perfectly.

Chitaiya is also on the same hand rail.

Fitting each piece individually.

So there are no visible seams.

Lokesh works on the flooring tiles.

In fact, the floor is coming along quickly at this point.

Here you can see the floor on the left of the sanctum.

Andiappan works on the rose-granite tiles.

On the way to take these photos, the photographer stumbles on this Oncidium orchid in full blooom…

And the exotic Bat's Ears, which are just opening.

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