Another Bodhinatha Upadesha Audio Is Ready

A gorgeous cool dry, sunny windy winter day today on Kauai. The United States has a new President and a new beginning! Jai Ganesha!

We are happy to bring you another talk by Bodhinatha today. See the side bar for details and to click and listen to the audio

Saravanathaswami gave news today from the Ekadanta Kulam. He said the new Master Course student Google group was gaining some momentum as student were posing tough questions and other students were coming up with excellent answers. He has also been working on long range planning of Bodhiantha’s future travels, focusing especially on events in Australia next. Meanwhile Bodhinatha is getting more and more invitations to come to other events.

Sightings at the Aadheenam

Nature sightings around the Aadheenam…

Cooking bananas. A bit of work to get them ready but sooo good!

Child saint Sambandar dancing in the water of our temple tank fountain.

Johor Malaysia Youth Retreat

Do you live in South Malaysia or Singapore? Don’t miss the Youth Reteat in Johor.

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