Ganesha Homa October 09- Mauritius Spiritual Park /Part 2

We are pleased to share with you our last series of photos for the Ganesha Homa dedicated to all students taking part in their school and university exams.

An elaborate homa with several items sent into the fire.

The traditional pouring of ghee into the homa by the Sivacharya.

Thousands of prayers were burnt on that day. There were so many written prayers that the large homa pit was over filled up.

Kulapati SK Moorghen, jubilated by the devotional singing inside the Mandapam, was instrumental in the coordination of this ceremony, especially taking care of having the exercise books designed and printed.

Kulapati Siven Koothan gave talk on Lord Ganesha.

A little rush at the start, during the distribution of the Ganapati copybooks, but finally all the youth with happy faces left the Mandapam.

No one wants to miss this exercise book.

So many youth waiting patiently on the Ganesha Bridge to receive their blessed copy book.

(Left) Kulapati Mougam Periatumbee and Jis Chenngana offering the sacred flame.

Our staff at the Himalayan Academy booth outside. The crowd is almost dispersed by that time. A busy Sunday, leaving everyone blessed and uplifted. Our next Mauritius event coming is Guru Jayanthi on October 15. Members and students are enthusiastic to organize this evening event.

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