Tour Day October 8th

Each guest arriving for the Public Tour has an opportunity to begin the journey with Lord Ganesha’s blessing before entering the property . . .

“We are all growing towards God, and experience is the path. Through experience we mature out of fear into fearlessness, out of anger into love, out of conflict into peace, out of darkness into light and union in God. Aum”
-- Gurudeva

“He who sparkles in your eyes, who lights the heavens and hides in the souls of all creatures is God, your Self.”
-- Siva Yogaswami

We often wonder what stories the silpis will tell their families when the they return home. Telling their children and grandchildren that in a land far away a magical Siva temple is being built the way it was done in India in ancient days. That Hinduism is very great and spreading to distant shores. That people from the Americas and all over the world travel to see it, and pray at this sacred place.

The guests hear many tales of the dedicated life of service and sadhana the monks perform every day of their life. But it is a rare occaision when one actually comes walking by!

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