Fortworth Temple Representatives Meet Bodhinatha

Dr. Subrahmanyam and Subashini Boyareddi from Texas with Bodhinatha. They part of the Hindu community in Fortworth about the build a new temple there. They are here seeking Bodhinatha’s guidance and blessings.

Their goal is make the temple not only a place of worship but also an educational center with fun programs for the younger generation.

Chandrashekar Family

All the way from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, the daughter of Dr. Hiranya and Saraswati Gowda, Kalpana visit the monastery with her husband Chandra and sons Chetan (10), Anand (8) and Maithreya (4). They toured the grounds with Shanmuganathaswami and stopped for this photo at the Bali Hai falls.

The Chandrasekar family really enjoyed Kauai. The boys love to swim and Kalpana was overwhelmed with the beauty of the island on their tour of the island in a helicopter. She lamented that she wished they would have scheduled more time on Kauai instead of visiting the other islands. Oh well, next time. Avid readers of Hinduism Today, they have been subscribers since 2004 and were recently gifted a lifetime subscription by Dr. Gowda.

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Indian Dance that Bedazzled the West


The GK is working on a precious little story about Ruth St. Denis, the inspired, revolutionary dancer who enchanted the West with her Indian dances at the turn of the 20th century. It turns out that the dances were not Indian at all, but inspired by Ruth’s own reverence for Hindu religion and mysticism.

Eventually, she would boldly take her troupe to perform in India, to Maharajas and Ranis—but that is a story that you can read about in the magazine!

Her husband, the also legendary Ted Shawn, was inspired while in India to create one of his most famous performances: The Cosmic Dance of Shiva. Above, Shawn in Germany as Shiva. And below, Ruth St. Denis visits a Hindu temple in 1926.


The interesting part is, both Ruth St. Denis and Ted Shawn knew Gurudeva. Ruth even created choreographies for him. In a letter of recommendation dated December 16, 1944, she says of young Gurudeva, “He is a very good dancer—capable of lending his talent to any occasion.”


This is a short video of Ted Shawn dancing his interpetation of The Cosmic Dance of Shiva:

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