Bodhinatha's Insightful Upadeshas

New phase began today. Bodhinatha gave a marvelous upadesha elucidating the principle of acceptance, affirmation and how our present reactions to event create our future.


Senthilnathaswami does the homa today.

We are a bit behind in posting talks, but a new one has been posted today. See the side bar links.

Jayanthi in Mauritius

Devotees in Mauritius are planning to celebrate Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami Jayanthi (October 15th) in a very big way as all the posters and cards will attest!

Publishing Technology and Monastery Friends in LA

Part two of our story about our visit to Los Angeles for the Adobe MAX conference: There's nothing quite like being in a theater with 5,000 nerds of various types from all around the world: the publishing type, the art type, the programming type.

In previous years, Adobe has held this conference in several venues across the globe. This year they held it solely in Los Angeles, and the Convention Center proved to be the perfect place. There were about 300 separate sessions and hands-on learning labs spanning only three days. Here, Palaniswami peruses the schedule-at-a-glance to check which room our next session is going to be in. Everyone was asked to choose their sessions and labs in advance via a special Adobe Flash-driven (of course) online application, which kept track of which participants were attending which sessions and events, all in real time. This data was encoded on our badges, and to get into a session we had to present our badge at the door. No, there was no printed list. Is that real time? They had little devices they held up to our badges to see if we were registered for the session!

On Tuesday we had lunch with eight devotees and friends of the monastery who live in Southern California. Sheela and Ravi Rahavendran (center) came up from Carlsbad. Nancy Walder (right) lives in LA.

Sitting between Palaniswami and Senthilnathaswami here is Prasanna Kodapadi, who works as a video compositor for a local Eastern-religious TV station.

On the left is Greg Rogers. He recently discovered The Master Course and signed up for the 2010 Kauai Innersearch. Now he finds himself in the beautiful world of Hinduism, surrounded by kindred souls, being led onto the path by Lord Ganesha. To Senthilnathaswami's right is Diksha Katir, a long-time devotee of Gurudeva, from San Diego. His wife, Usha, was also there, but she was behind the camera.

There's Nancy Walder, and on the right Yatrika Shah-Rais, from Los Angeles. It was truly a delight to enjoy a couple of hours of down-time having satsang with our Hindu friends in the middle of this very intense high-tech learning experience.

Seed Exchange Preparations

Yesterday Paramacharya Palaniswami went to the annual Seed Exchange and gave a presentation there. He also took 1000’s of seeds to share with others on Kauai.

We Love Bugs!


Don’t we all love beautiful bugs! My favorite is the “Wolf Spider” — a full-grown adult can measure as much as 4 inches across. They are completely benign to humans, making meals of other bugs that would otherwise litter things inside your house. They do not make a mess with webs all over the place, but move around discreetly fulfilling their dharma by chomping on cockroaches and other smaller bugs. This one captured by our photographer on the bamboo window screen in the Ganapati Kulam shared his appreciation for being here with us.

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