The Presence of Murugan Across India

Valli Sendan makes this wonderful contribution today:

Prostrations to Lord Vighna Vinayaga.
Vel Muruga!

Namaskaram Bodhinatha,

Happy Skanda Shasti to You and all of the Mathavasis. Thank you for the wonderful Muruga festival this week.

In September, we visited Markandeya in Chicago, where he moved earlier this year for a new job. One of the highlights was visiting the Art Institute of Chicago, who had a large Indian and south east Asian collection. This first Karttikeya from Andhra Pradesh really had a presence and the second one was very nicely detailed.

There were a lot of other pieces of Ganesha, Lord Siva, and Nandi, which we can forward to Hinduism Today, if they would be useful.

Om Shanti,
Aran and Valli

Photo: Karttikeya, India, Andhra Pradesh, Madanapalle, Ganga period, c. 12the century, granite

Karttikeya, India, Uttar Pradesh, Mathura region, 2nd century, red sandstone


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  1. Chandra Hoezoo says:

    Thanks for providing the rare art collection pictures of Lord Muruga. How fortunate we are to be able to see them! Thanks again!

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