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Bodhinatha is in California with Shanmuganathaswami. See our Twitter updates below for news shared by them from the road.

Monastery Twitter Updates for 2009-10-29

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In case you haven’t noticed, the monastery has opened up a Twitter account. Follow us on Twitter to receive numerous updates each day about what is happening at the monastery and to follow Bodhinatha’s movements and activities when he is traveling. For those still in doubt of Twitter’s usefulness, we recently read this Mac Life article on Twitter, which lightly addresses some of the basic concerns and demonstrates a number of ways in which Twitter can actually be a tremendous productivity tool.

Tour Day

The silpis are continuing their push on the floor.

They have made much progress in the past few months and are getting faster at this.

The angles of the floor are critical, to be sure the almost daily tropical rains drain out of the temple and not leave puddles here and there.

It's official Tour Day, and some 70 or so good souls are visiting the monastery this morning. Here Deva Seyon has brought them out to Iraivan and as they admire the pillars and sculptures, he tells them the amazing story.

They all get a chance to visit some Rudraksha trees which are on the West side of Iraivan.

There is good news today from he monastery: God is in all things!

Diwali in San Diego

Balboa Park in San Diego was the setting for the second edition of the Diwali Festival on October 25th. Some of Bodhinatha’s devotees went to join in the fun. The event began with a procession of members of the local Indian immigrant population organized by state of origin.

The Diwali Festival was sponsored by Mingei International Museum and the San Diego Indian American Society, in association with the San Diego Museum of Art (SDMA) and SDMAís Council for the Art of the Indian Subcontinent (CAIS).

The festival was open to the general public and was meant to educate and entertain at the same time. It featured arts, a cultural program and procession, music, dancing, Indian food, family activities and the traditional ceremonial lighting of lamps. It was an outstanding example of how Hindus can educate the American public about one of our fun traditions.

The devotees report that the bhangra drummer pictured here was really very good and inspired our Sikh brothers to liven up the procession with some Punjabi dancing.

Usha and Diksha Katir were there to report on the event for TAKA.

Gunamaya Sivananda was also there accompanied by her brother Alejandro and mom Martha Osuna.

Food provided by five local restaurants was available at a Food Court overseen by this stunning icon of Nataraja.

One thousand and eight small oil lamps, arranged in graceful patterns, and 50 large brass lamps, (one for every state in the US, presumably,) were lit at sunset by distinguished women from San Diego and the eveningís Guest of Honor, Sushmita Thomas, Consul General of India, San Francisco. Click the link to see a short video of the lamp lighting ceremony at last year’s Divali Festival:

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