Satsang with Bodhinatha in California

As we write, Bodhinatha is having Satsang with the devotees in California. It is an auspicious evening especially because Hotranatha Ajaya receives his Vishesha Diksha tonight, making a “Chela” of the Kailasa Paramapara.

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Monastery Twitter Updates for 2009-10-30

  • Here we meet with Mandala Publishing. They print some of the most beautiful books around. #
  • RT @AdrienneBiggs Meeting w/ publishers of @HinduismToday & Himalayan Academy Publications; wish we were mtg in Kapaa but Marin will do! #
  • RT @AdrienneBiggs Mtg went well, made intros at Palace Press/Mandala+New World Library publishers, open invitation to visit them #
  • RT @AdrienneBiggs -- Yes, modern Hindus Tweet, laugh a lot, and enjoy renting Dodge Chargers when traveling! #

  • Bodhinatha is going to the City today to meet with our nonprofit lawyer. #
  • Iraivan Temple glimmers in the liquid sunshine this morning. #
  • RT @HinduismToday: YouTube -- Christian Pastor Eddie D. Smith Sr. implores his congregation to use Namaste greeting. #
  • Here we meet with Thomas Wrobel, a nonprofit attorney in San Francisco. #

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Children in Jaffna Getting Set Up with Hi-Tech

Sri Subramuniya Kottam received a digital camera as a gift so the Kottam children can take pictures and email to Kauai Aadheenam. Anushanthan, age 13 has been trained to use this camera.

Here you can see Anushanthan taking pictures. This camera is a gift from Jothi and Vasuki Sendan of Kauai, Hawaii.

They take the camera to an internet cafe in Jaffna. The staff there then emails the photos to the US. The Kottam also has a computer now, but no internet connect yet. But, it won’t be long!

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