Ganesha Homa November 09- Mauritius Spiritual Park

Despite the heavy downpour on that day all over the island, dedicated devotees would not miss their first Sunday of the month Ganesha Homa at the Spiritual Park of Mauritius.

On the eve, everything had to be set up. A happy group of sivathondars were there to clean the brass items to be used in the puja.

Amma rubbing the brass with tamarind and other substances, washing them and allowing them to dry in the sun. They look as bright as new…

Yudananda washing the steps down the Ganesha Mandapam.

Oiling the murthi with sesame oil is another important activity. This work is done within minutes by a dedicated team.

The last activity is to wash the whole floor of the Mandapam.

Early Sunday morning a team is already there to cater for offerings brought by devotees.

Singing devotional songs to the Gods helps build up a spiritual vibration in the Mandapam.

Devotees seated inside…

Homa is lighted after a simple arati to Lord Ganapati.

Kumaren adjusting the sound system.

Everyone's heart is filled with devotion…

At the small shrine further off Pancha Mukha Ganapati is beautifully garlanded too.

The rain is falling outside, but devotees lovingly offered their worship at the Sivalingum.

The four kulapaties around the Homa pit.

Our two young sishyas ringing the bells while written prayers are being sent into the fire. The sound of the bells attract the devas (angel beings) of the inner worlds.

Kulapati Manon's public talk was on Devas , Guardian Angels, Sadhana from page 164 of Gurudeva's book Living With Siva.

Inside the Mini Mela where devotees come to buy gift items and to offer donations in cash.

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