Satsang and Padapuja in Carlsbad, CA

We bring another retrospective today from Bodhinatha’s stay in California, with more from the satsang in Carlsbad (near San Deigo in South California.)

A rare and sacred moment in the life of a devotee to have the opportunity to come forward for blessings of the Satguru. Garlands made with love and Holy Feet covered in flowers, the Satguru smiles..

Here is Sheela's Auntie receiving blessings of the Satguru

Ravi and Sheela Rahavendran, a precious moment.

Greg Rogers offering flowers to the Satguru.

Greg Rogers, a new master course student, receiving blessings by Bodhinatha. Suparna is next, she and her husband Sethu Madhavan host Mahasivaratri every year in their home. Greg is coming to Kauai for the Mahasamadhi events.

Siva's devotees.."all the world is one family".

Sheela Auntie's sister prostrates to Bodhinatha

Meanwhile the aarthi lamp and sacraments are offered to each devotee, having first been offered to God Siva, in the form of the Satguru. Kumaran, Greg, Annie, Lavana and little Mayuresh have all taken the flame.

Jai Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami!

Almost time for Upadesha, Bodhinatha gets comfortable.

Ravi sees to the Satguru's every need reminding us that wherever the Satguru is, it his home. Sannyasin Shanmugathaswami on the right.

This is Sethu on the right, Jai Siva! All are full of joy. Sethu shared that he has circumambulated Mt. Kailash!

Shanmuganathaswami, Yogi Jivananda sitting near.

Bodhinatha chanting Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu…. before giving his talk.

Like Gurudeva before him, Bodhinatha senses every need and gives the answers to questions that have not been physically asked. Jai Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami!

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