Gurudeva Mahasamadhi Homa and Abhishekam Video

Gurudeva Mahasamadhi, 2010

Today was the auspicious day for our special annual puja to Gurudeva. The temple has been magnificently decorated. We have a skilled Sivacharya priest, a wonderful group of devotees and nature was filled with the prana of thunder, lightening and water for a very powerful day.

Kumar Gurukkal performed an intricate homa with a long samkalpam. The energy in Kadavul keeping rising up and up and if one closed one’s eyes, you could feel the kundalini coming alive and being driven to the top of the head by the powerful ceremony.

The silpis and all the devotees are intent on the rites.

After the homa, the blessed kumbha is paraded out and around Nandi and the Kodimaram by Bodhinatha himself.

Then we begin the abhishekam…

There are no words for the unique and mystical power that is engendered by the Guru puja. Gurudeva was definitely present.

Everyone chants Gurudeva’s names. Gurukkal who loves the monks and the Aadheenam was beside himself with tears flowing during the 108 names of Gurudeva.

The final Arati.

Bodhinatha then retired to the Guru temple to give out gifts to the pilgrims.

A specially engraved small plaque representing Gurudeva’s paduka’s has been hand-crafted by the monks and is put in a small beautifully sewn protective cloth bag.

Along with this each one was presented with a copy of the new Gurudeva’s Visions book. These gifts will be sent out to all sishya around the world. Kulapati Deva Seyon…

Toshadevi and her daughter Velika

Vivekananda and his brother and cousin are from Trinidad.

Click here to see a slide show of all the devotees who came forward to receive their book.

Darshan Meetings with Bodhinatha

Toshadevi Nataraja with her daughter Velika. Toshadevi is an ardent student of the Master Course and gives powerful testimony on how much Gurudeva’s teachings have affected her life. She is also a dedicated supporter of Iraivan. She came on this pilgrimage all the way from beautiful island of St. Lucia. Her daughter Velika is is in university in New York and they are having some quality time together. Velika is a student of pediatric psychology and working on some programs that address issues of domestic violence. They send a big “Aloha” to the rest of their family who could not join them. Mother and daughter are having quality time together.

Tina Desai from Ontario, Canada has complete Level Three of the Master Course and is firmly committed to becoming a sishya of Bodhinatha and joining the fellowship of Saiva Siddhanta Church. Tina tells the amazing story of how her father subscribed to the New Saivite world when she was just 18 years old in 1979, how she was raised on Hinduism Today and knew from the start that Gurudeva, Bodhinatha and the Kailasa Parampara are her spiritual home.

Varuna Takes Over the Aadheenam

Then mother nature decided to bless us with an amazing site. Thunder and lightening has been going for several days and the rains on the mountain had filled the Wailua River to record levels as Bodhinatha began his morning presentation.

Safe and dry inside, the devotees, learn about the Tirukkural’s place in the modern world.

Outside the river has turned into a spectacular flood and the rain begins to increase all around us. Huge trees are being ripped from the sides of the river and being taken down to the sea. This one got lodged on the edge.

After the morning presentation on the Tirukkural, the next and last event of the day was lunch, but before then everyone got to experience the blessing of water in a very, very big way as the Aadheenam itself began to flood with water from the streams and saturated fields to the north and east…

While watching the river in amazement, our walks begin to rise. Monks are running here and there trying to control the flow water so that it does not flood our publications building which is at the lowest point on the property.

In some places the water has reached 6 inches deep on our path.

On the far right you see the publications building, in imminent danger as the water flowing on the paths is heading straight for it’s front door.

Devotees are happy trapped inside the courtyard having a joyful satsang and fellowship as the rain pours all around.

A diversion has been place to send the water down the stairway to the river and away from the press building.

Meanwhile Rishi Valley stream has risen to completely cover the road to Iraivan.

Iraivan stand majestical and still through the haze of rain.

Monastery Twitter Updates for 2009-11-14

  • The final puja for Gurudeva Mahasamadhi observances is underway. #
  • Namasivaya! The final arati has begun along with all chanting the 108 names of beloved Gurudeva. #

  • Huge rain and the river is at the highest we have ever seen it. Giant trees are shooting over the falls. #

  • Immediately after the final puja, we are hard at work redirecting flood water around buildings, repairing infrastructure. #
  • Lunch time at the monastery. Thunder, lightning, torrential downpours continue to intensify. Still erecting dams, redirecting flood waters. #
  • Pilgrims have all gathered at the heart of the monastery to try to stay dry. It’s a big, happy, sopping wet festival lunch gathering! #
  • Here is a video of the Wailua River in spate right now. It has carved out the pali and created an island. #
  • The landslide on Kuamoo Road was cleared and pilgrims were finally able to drive back down the hill. Many other roads are still washed out. #

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