Bodhinatha's Darshan Meetings Today

Rajita Sivananda met once more with Bodhinatha before flying home today.

She asked permission to use Gurudeva’s metaphysical teachings as part of her teaching work. She is the founder and director of Mandala Training and artist and the award-winning spiritual author of MANDALA: Luminous Symbols for Healing. In particular, she feels that encouraging people to perform Vasana Daha Tantra as they have problems in life will be a big help to everyone. She also feels that Gurudeva’s simple clarity about the three phases of mind: instinctive, intellectual and superconscious — provides an important tool for self-examination that everyone could benefit from.

The River of Life

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    Sivathondan Nilayam in Jaffna Receives a Gift from Kauai Aadheenam


    Sivathondan Nilayam in Jaffna receives a gift from Kauaii Aadheenam

    Monks of Kauai Aadheenam have designed and printed beautiful Yogaswami vibuthi stickers for the Sivanthondan Nilayam in Jaffna.
    Sivanthondan Nilayam will use these stickers to mail vibuthi prasadam to their devotees around the world.

    On his recent visit to Jaffna, Rishi Thondunathan presented these stickers to the members of the Sivathondan Society.

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