Gurudeva Speaks on Iraivan

Today we received some photos from the team in Colorado who are putting the final patina on the amazing bronze model of Iraivan temple. We will share the entire story of this work next month. For now enjoy Gurudeva’s sweet words spoken in 1999 as he envisions the spirit of Iraivan and its effect on the world:

“Iraivan’s foundation is coming alive. Light is vibrating through it. It is a remarkable sight to behold. Something we never expected or anticipated. What is happening is yet to be known. Seemingly, it is of itself a Being, beautiful to behold, to be approached with awe. Yet, its only form is the form of itself, radiating light in billows and rays, as of many-colored

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  1. Sheela says:

    Yet another product of love! Congratulations to the Team and THANK YOU! Aum AUM

  2. Prasanth says:


    Can you pls tell us which place in COlorado they were doing the bronze work for the iraivan temple ?

    My be we can visit to the place to get a chance to view the bronze work.


  3. Stephen says:

    The final patina is lovingly applied by Debbie Bakel of Loveland, Colorado. Her work enhances that of the glorious artistry of the sculptor. Patinas by Bakel is readily found in the Internet and for those sisters and brothers in or near Loveland, Colorado, we are certain she would welcome your visit.

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