Bodhinatha in Palo Alto

As we write, Bodhinatha and Shanmuganathswami are in the air, flying home to arrive this evening. In the next few days we will bring more photos of events during their in California.
See our Twitter posts for photos from the big donor appreciation event in Palo Alto, California. Here is a photo from that event. After offering a Vedic chant, Ananth Sivachariar garlands Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami.

Bodhinatha Goes to Southern California

We continue our retrospective on Bodhinatha’s mission as he moves to Southern California.
There is much to celebrate when we are on the spiritual path, not the least of which is that we miraculously discovered the spiritual path in the first place. For those not yet connecting with the Tweets on TAKA, we share this photo taken by Greg Rogers during the pada puja in Carlsbad, California a couple of days back. This and other photos can be found under the "Monastery Twitter Updates" on TAKA. It's all part of the new ability of the monks to send updates of Bodhinatha's travels along with photos right from their iPhone, no matter where they are. If you click on the links in a Tweet you will see the photo.

San Diego Devotees Prepare for Bodhinatha's Arrival

In our retrospective on Bodhinatha’s trip to California, We catch up with Bodhinatha as he moves to Southern California. The devotees had a small gathering than the one in Palo Alto, but being with the Satguru is always a big event, and the San Diego devotees are here preparing the shrine you see above. Here they are:

Diksha Katir and Kumaran Ratnam.

Sujatha Sonti and Gunamaya. Sujatha lives in Carlsbad and is a long time friend of Sheela Rahavendran.

Prasanna Kodapati and Greg Rogers. They met recently at a luncheon in Los Angeles with Palaniswami and Senthilnathaswami.

Gunamaya and Nalini Kodapati.

Shakti Mahadevan joins the welcoming team.

Prasanna and Greg meeting Lavana Sivam. Lavana met Gurudeva before Prasanna was born and has lots to share.

Radha Trivedi, her son Shailesh, and Diksha.

Dasan and Ravi Rahavendran going over some final details for the padapuja.

I think we are ready!

Sheela Auntie and her sister, Sujatha and Gunamaya. We are ready too!

Sheela Rahavendran and her Auntie Sheela sharing a nice moment before Satguru arrives.

Uncle Kumaran and Annie Ruiz, listening attentively to the wisdom he shares.

Dasan and Nalini. Nalini did not know at this point that she was going to be called on to sing for Bodhinatha. She sang beautifully and all who attended clapped, including Bodhinatha. It was such a sweet surprise for all!

Annie made a comment that she really appreciated Uncle Kumaran, but now she appreciates him even more. Must have been a good talk full of wisdom from an elder.

Shailesh listening to his mother. Siva’s devotees love nothing more than being with others who adore Siva. !

Monastery Twitter Updates for 2009-11-04

  • We visited Amit Tripathi in his apartment in Westwood, CA. Amit is studying Asian religions at UCLA. #
  • Bodhinatha is just about to take off on his way back to Kauai. #bd-travels #

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Things to Celebrate

Siva held His own celebration last night at sunset, filling the sky with an amazing and rarely seen display of vivacity. This iPhone photo was taken from the monastery courtyard as several monks gathered to silently witness it.
Another miraculous sky event occured during our full moon retreat. Here is the report:
Aum Namasivaya,
Auspicious moment.
We had a surprising spectacle last night, right after night fell, a rainbow caused by the rising full moon shining on a drizzle-shower moving toward Waialeale.
The spectrum was very pale, so it looked like an albino rainbow, shining there, in the night. Billions of tiny raindrops each reflecting back an image of the moon. Billions of little moons shining over Waialeale and Iraivan.
None of us had ever seen or even heard of such a phenomenon.
It is in Wikipedia under Moonbow. But all the references and photos there are of moonbows caused by spray at the foot of a waterfall and none of them is a full arc. Whereas ours was a rain rainbow and it was a full arc.

This little bridge is new. It crosses the stream and waterfall in Rishi Valley.

Tandu Sivanathan helped Palaniswami to build it over the retreat, giving pilgrims a new way to walk over to Iraivan Temple.

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