Bodhinatha is Home!

Bodhinatha is home and today at lunch, Shanmuganathaswami shared with the monks all the various successes and accomplishments they had on this trip. You will read more about it in the days head.

Hinduism Today January 2010

The next issue of Hinduism Today is almost ready to go to press next week. This is another beautiful issue full of fascinating stories. The main feature this issue is the tale of Bhutanese Hindus, from their ejection from Bhutan, decade long stay in refugee camps in Nepal, to their happy arrival and the cultural challenges they face in the US which recently agreed to accept them into the country.


At Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami’s request we have done an extensive 8-page article on silk. It is researched and written by a new correspondent for Hinduism Today, Matthew McDermott in New York, who is a full time reporter and writer for Discovery and its well known Tree Hugger website.

The article contains almost all you could want to know about silk except how to weave it or wear i.


Monastery Twitter Updates for 2009-11-05

  • Palaniswami shares a panel in Dec with BBC’s main religion editor. We complained to BBC about the sadhu photo #
  • Bodhinatha arrives back home safely. #bd-travels #
  • Since we talked with their image editors, BBC is running positive Hindu imagery, like this Holi photo. #
  • Bodhinatha is back at the monastery, and today is tour day. #
  • Large tour group today at the monastery. Bodhinatha signed books for over 45 minutes. #
  • RT @HinduismToday Hinduism Today Publisher to Speak at Melbourne Parliament of the World’s Religions #pwr2009 #

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Satguru Bodhinatha visits devotees in Southern California

Just arriving in San Diego, Satguru Bodhinatha, Sannyasin Shanmuganathaswami and Yogi Jivananda are greeted by devotees in the airport. Here Shanmuganathaswami is greeted by Gunamaya Sivananda for the first time.

Beautiful Satguru giving photo darshan

Diksha and Ushadevi Katir got the first photo because they had the camera..

Why don't we step outside for some sunshine while we wait for the car? Devotees gather close for a photo opportunity. Left to right are Shakti Mahadevan, Gunamaya Sivananda, Diksha Katir, Aarthi Rahavendran and Chudika Mahadevan.

Gunamaya takes the opportunity to ask Bodhinatha a question about some changes related to work hours. No detail too small….

She has Bodhinatha's full attention and continues to explain the situation.

Aarthi, Chudika and Shakti sitting nearby. Meanwhile, Dasan Mahadevan and Alejandro Jaramillo (brother of Gunamaya) were inside near baggage claim waiting for a "white box".

Success, here it is! It actually looked quite heavy.

Now some time to chat and visit with Bodhinatha a while.

You know the saying, "never walk ahead of the Satguru", here is Alex demonstrating that one may also choose not to stand higher than the Satguru.

Here are Rosa and Alex with a nice photo for the office at the family business.

Chudika, Shakti & Dasan Mahadevan enjoying the sun with Satguru. It was warm in San Diego, but not too warm said Bodhinatha, compared to the morning fog in San Francisco. He had his sunglasses on so he could stay and enjoy the sun a little longer.

Meanwhile at the home of Ravi & Sheela Rahavendran, decorations and preparations are well under way.

Some last things to attend to….

Here is Radha Trivedi. A sweet Amma that strung all of those garlands! Her son, Shailesh Trivedi hung up each one very carefully. It was so beautiful!

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