Lunch with our 2008 Hindu of the Year

Dharmaishta greets Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami at the door of his home, and performs a Tiruvadi puja. He is clearly delighted to have the blessings.

Bodhinatha is seated and welcomed generously.

A seat has been prepared also for Swami Avdeshanandaji.

Swami enters and greets Bodhinatha, offers a shawl and says "This meeting is historic!"

Swamiji listens as Palaniswami explains our gift, a mala from the Western world's only Rudraskah forest, from trees planted by our own Gurudeva.

Swami recalls his two meetings with Gurudeva in Chicago during the 1993 parliament of the World's Religions. He says many sweet things about Gurudeva and his mission and monks.

A marvelous lunch with Swami asveshanda, followed by a beautiful upadesh on sannyas. Swami is the head of the Juna Akara, Hinduism's largest monastic order. How large? At this uear's Kumbhamela he will personally initiate 25,000 sadhus!

The Hinduism Today team took about thirty minues to ask Swamili a series of questions on various issues facing what one PWR delegates called "the first religion" Swami shared his thoughts on the biggest challenge facing modern Hindus, materialism and consumerism.

He urged Hindus to bring simplicity inti their lives, to truly treat all as a one family, and by all he meant even animals and insects and plant life. He spoke loving words about the magazine, saying it is a divine work that is perpetuating dharma, culture, philosophy. "It cannot be called a magazing. It is the face if Hinduism,the soul of Hinduism. I cannot express my amazement and my gratitude in what you are doing." Swami entrusts us with his private cell, which only 20 in the world know. Jai to the Satgurus, who are called living Vedas.

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  1. G.S.Satya says:

    I totally agree with what the Swamiji says about our beloved HInduism Today magazine . I go one step further and say that Hinduism Today is the best thing that has happened in the Hindu world in the past century for bringing together Hindus from around the world on a common platform and reconnecting many families that had migrated several generations ago, to the Hindu roots. Hinduism Today makes all Hindus proud of their heritage. Om Shanti.

  2. Greg says:

    The Living with Siva series sits on a friend’s shelf, rather untouched. Last September I pulled them down and, despite the new ways of thinking detailed therein, I could feel the pulse of that which I craved most in my life. After that day I discovered Hinduism Today at eye level in my Los Angeles bookstore and realizing that it was also produced by those who make the Master Course I bought my first issue. Inside the covers I found images and stories of Hinduism presented in a way that seemed geared to present the true essence, that Sanatana Dharma, that my soul instantly recognized.

    Here I am, not even three months later, and I have enrolled in the Master Course, have been to a Pada Puja for Bodhinatha, have been to Gurudeva’s Mahasamadhi, and have stopped eating meat. All because of the way this magazine gave pictures and testimonials by other seekers like myself. This publication is very, very powerful.

    Aum Namasivaya,

    Greg Rogers

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