Progress on Iraivan's Roof

Today we to for a walk out to Iraivan and take a close up look at the progress of work on the roof.

It’s a spectacular Kauai day, cool bright and Iraivan shines!

Up on the roof two men are laying out sheets of tar paper with a copper surface along the edges. this is yet another layer on top of the former concrete layer.

Bob’s Roofing is a well known small Kauai Company.

This is Robert Kuslo owner and founder of Bob’s Roofing.

These sheets are placed on the roof and “torched down” the underside heated. It looks bright when it comes off the rolls.

The color turns to a bronze patina in the open air. It is a very lovely finish.

This is Paul Cloud, Bob’s nephew who has just graduated from University in California and has come to Hawaii to work for his uncle for six months. What a great job to have!

The gold work on Iraivan has now stood the test of several months of very severe rain and sun. We are happy to say it looks brand new. In fact you can barely look at it in the sun it is so bright!

What appears as a decoration to visitors, as if the temple were in a festive mood all the time, is actually also a bird roosting prevention strategy. The fluttering silver strand keep them from sitting on the gopurams.

Bob and Paul are today working on the edges of the temple roof, having completed the main flat portion.

The material is being torched down along the edge, up and over the top.

No Responses to “Progress on Iraivan's Roof”

  1. nalini says:

    WoW! Wonderful!

  2. Deva Rajan says:

    Looks like Bob’s Roofing is doing a wonderful and professional job. I like the way the copper torch-down sheets are going up and over the parapets and rolling up on the sides of the towers. Nice detail work. Noticing some protective barriers on the Chinna Gopuram Towers, to keep any tar from damaging the gold-leaf work.

    The overall flat work is cleanly done with no tar bleeding-out at the seams. With all the copper reflecting the sunlight, that must be a very hot work-site. Bob has an extra good tan! We had snow two nights ago and our water pipes were frozen last two mornings. Warms us up a bit, just to see this new roofing.

    Jai Ganesh!

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