Sun One Begins the Moksha Ritau

Our fall Sadhu Paksha is over and we begin the Moksha Ritau with homa and flag raising.

Yoginathaswami take the coral colored flag out to the flag pole.

The rust colored flag is lowered.

The pink coral flag is attached….

Today we have Hindu guests from Australia and Toronto with us.

Shyamadeva Dandapani is staying on Kauai for a while.

Jai Moksha Ritau!

Giant Container Arrives From India

Here is Yoginathaswami in Lihue where the 45 long container was unloaded. He is overseeing the transport of the Kodimaram and stones for the Nandi Mandapam.

This 45-foot long pole from India was a challenge for Kauai Freight!

But they made it and here is the pole safe and sound in our “Loha Guha” storage building.

Brahmachari Vel Mahalingam

Brahmachari Vel Mahalingam is in his last month on Task Force. He has been such a great asset with an ever joyful and uplifting spirit. Thank you Vel!

The Tribes Gather in Melbourne

We return to that yesteryear (OK yesterweek) in Melbourne, Australia, to the magical time. Here Bodhinatha is being introduced by our host Dr. Sunder, who was instrumental in bringing the Hawaii team to the Parliament.

The ultra-modern Melbourne Convention Center is massive, open, high-tech and brand new.

Hinduism was represented richly. Here the president of a Hare Krishna college in Spain speaks.

Dada Vasvani, 92, gave one of the most moving talks of the week, calling on the human race to Stop All Killing. If you did not see his video on YouTube, it's worth 11 minutes to hear his amazing appeal. It's here:

Buddhists move gracefully to their next panel.

Catholics and Jews in informal dialog.

Back to opening night, with the entire Melbourne Philharmonic and Chorus on stage, with an aboriginal front and center.

There was Indian dance,

and Sikh chanting

And dance,

and Zoroastrian offerings.

In the halls two Chinese dragons are locked in mock combat.

He spoke not a word of English, but this Chinese Buddhist was among the brightest lights.

Muslims at the Hare Krishna booth.

The Sikh's had by far the most amazing display. You can walk through this giant exhibition, rooms within rooms of Sikh history, philosophy and photos. Hindus need to create a traveling unit like this for global communication.

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