Easan and Sundari Return to California

Easan and Sundari Katir from Santa Clara California recently approached Bodhinatha seeking blessings for some fund raising ideas they had for Iraivan Temple. Long time devotees, they have worked tirelessly since the inception of Iraivan to help raise funds and inspire the born Hindu families in the greater Bay Area to do the same.

Bodhinatha felt they could be most effective by flying over to Kauai and give personal tours for the hundreds of guests that come to Kauai Aadheenam to see Iraivan during the holiday season. They performed an invaluable service to the monks and local mission members by giving hours and hours of service by providing personal attention to our guests.

Even on retreat days Easan and Sundari would provide full tours down the San Marga path and on this day we counted fifty guests.

Spellbound by the wonderments of Iraivan.

Easan told Bodhinatha that he was able to talk to more people about Iraivan in this one week than an entire year of living in Santa Clara.

Sundari enlightened us on an important fact about Iraivan. In ancient times Kings or Raja’s would build the temples (and accrue the benefits) where Iraivan is a rare opportunity as it is being built by the people.

Today was their last day and we want to thank them for their wonderful service!

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