Pancha Ganapati Around The World

We bring you more photos from Pancha Ganapati celebrations. Later we will make a Maha Slide show.

Here is an actual 5 headed murthi at the home of Toshadeva and Kamala Guhan here on Kauai.

Now we go off around the world to the home of Sivaram and Devika Eswaran in Malaysia. Their shrine is all lit up.

Sivaram does arati….

Talented in the arts of song and dance … Devika singing to the Gods.

Little Arunesh opening his presents.

Now off to the America to join the Golden Gate Satsang.

Kulapati Janaka Param writes:

We had a joyous satsang and Pancha Ganapati celebration.

Here we perform the monthly homa at the home of Easvan and Devi Param. Easvan, on the left has two of his grandsons, Jeya and Bodhi assisting.

10-year-old Sandhyadevi Param gave her most accomplished singing and veena performance yet. She sang and played the Ganesha Geetam. Sandhyadevi’s paathi, Bhavani Param accompanies on the tambura.

We were blessed to have six guests from Bhutan. Five of them are pictured here in a row from Ganesh Subedi in white on the left. Ganesh was the first to come in 1999 and he has been helping the new arrivals due to the political problem over in Bhutan. The lady in the white coat led us in some bhajans -- Bhutan style! It was very uplifting to have them with us. You can listen to them below:

[Click below to listen]

[Click below to listen]

One of our member remembered and recited this poem from heart from the Loving Ganesha Book (see below)


After this we had a Panchaganapati puja and watched a video of Gurudeva’s Mahasamadhi puja, followed by prasadam and a hugging send-off of our new Bhutanese friends.

All in all, a wonderful day.

Aum Namasivaya,


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